About the Hong Kong Volunteer and ex-PoW Association of NSW

The Association was formed in 1996 in Sydney, Australia, out of the amalgamation of two existing organisations: one comprising ex Prisoners-of-War from Hong Kong and one fulfilling functions of a regimental association based on former members of the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers). The Association's present title was adopted soon after the amalgamation.

The Association is recognised as a branch by the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association in Hong Kong and maintains contact with sister Associations in the United Kingdom and Canada.

The Association is a member of the Australian Reserve Forces Day Council and participates in the Reserve Forces Day parade in July each year.

Regular Activities

The Association conducts a number of formal activities during the year that are usually followed by an informal get-together. General Meetings of the Association are held biennially.

Chinese New Year
In recent years, the Association has organised a popular dinner for Members to come together with their families to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is usually arranged for a night just after the official New Year period.

Apr 25
The Association participates every year on ANZAC Day, marching behind our own banner.

Foundation Day Luncheon on the last Friday in May commemorates the foundation of The Volunteers in 1854.

The Association participates in the Reserve Forces Day activities in Sydney on the first Sunday in July.

Liberation Day Luncheon on the last Friday in August commemorates the Liberation of hong kong from Japanese occupation in 1945.