The Association welcomes applications for membership and a cordial welcome is extended to new Members. Our Members are a typical Hong Kong mix of people of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds with warm memories of Hong Kong.

Many members are Hong Kong born. Quite a few have family connections, sometimes over several generations.

All our Members share a pride in Hong Kong and a desire to keep alive the memory of volunteering service there.

Anyone eligible for Membership and interested in joining is asked to complete the Membership form, which is available for downloading here. The annual membership contribution is $35.

You can print the form and send to the Secretary (please email for address) or scan and email it to

Eligibility for Membership

Membership is open to any resident of NSW, over the age of 18, who is a Hong Kong Volunteer or ex-Prisoner-of-War (PoW), or who is the spouse, direct descendent, or sibling of a Hong Kong Volunteer or ex-PoW. *

A Hong Kong Volunteer or ex-PoW is defined for our Association as anyone who participated in any one of the following ways:

    a) Served in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, the Hong Kong Volunteer Naval Force or any of their successor units (e.g. the Royal Hong Kong Defence Force, the Royal Hong Kong Regiment, the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force, the Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve)

    b) Served in December 1941 in an organisation mobilized in defence of Hong Kong (e.g. the Hong Kong Police, the Auxiliary Nursing Service, the St John Ambulance Brigade, Air Raid Precautions)

    c) Was in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation and was a prisoner-of-war, a civilian internee, or a prisoner of the gendarmes/kempetei.

The Committee may also admit to membership any person who, in the opinion of the Committee, it is desirable in the interests of the Association to admit to Membership.


* Rules approved by and Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association, 25 May, 2007.