Aug 22, 2014 Combined Foundation Day/Liberation Day/BGM

Held in the beautiful heritage Adam Room in the NSW Masonic Club, this evening event was thoroughly enjoyed all who attended.  The BGM was conducted first, followed by a dinner that all agreed was of a very high standard.

After the Loyal Toast, our continuing Chairman, Patrick Cheung, proposed the toast to The 99 on behalf of our Patron, Col Solomon Bard, who was unable to attend for health reasons. The Toast to The Volunteers was concluded with an enthusiastic Nulli Secundus in Oriente.

We were then treated to a thoughtful and informative after dinner talk by Robin Hutcheon, former editor of the South China Morning Post.  Robin spoke about coming to Hong Kong in 1953, a time of great tension in the Asian region. Pressures on Hong Kong were due not only to the post-war and post China revolution restructuring of alliances but also the crisis of the Korean War.

Robin praised the resilience and tenacity of the Chinese people of Hong Kong in seeing the Colony through this difficult period and acknowledged the contribution of The Volunteers during this time.