Condolences Cissy Greaves

It is with great sadness that the Association has received news of the passing of our Member, Cecilia Greaves, on 22 September, 2014.
Cissy was a longstanding Member of our Association and until recent years was a regular attendee at our luncheons.
Cissy had a number of connections to the the HKVDC. Her brother, Algernon Ho, was killed in action with the Volunteers in December, 1941. Her husband, John Greaves, was a member and before he passed away some time ago always attended our gatherings.

Cissy came from a long-established Eurasian family in Hong Kong. Her grandfather was Ho Fook, brother of Sir Robert Ho Tung. She is survived in England by her sister, Pam, and brother Eric who before retirement was a very senior member of the Administrative Service in Hong Kong and an officer in the Hong Kong Regiment.

Sadly missed.